1992 – born in stuttgart, germany

2012 – abitur at wagenburg gymnasium in stuttgart, germany

2013-2016 – apprenticeship digital media design for film and sound at schwaeble+wolf filmproductions in stuttgart, germany

2017-2021 – bachelor of arts / communications design at HAW in hamburg, germany

2021-present – scholar / Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

2021-present – diploma of fine arts / media art at KHM in cologne, germany


[monuments] field trip / group show in hamburg, germany

equinox / group show at planetarium in hamburg, germany
der perfekte mensch / group show at koerber forum in hamburg, germany

leck, ich brauch’ ein hack! / workshop at württembergischer kunstverein, stuttgart
opencoil roaming speedshow / group show in berlin, germany
the fine art of appropriating inductive charging pads in the wild / live panel at rC3 remote chaos conference of CCC germany

hegeschau / bachelor presentation at haw in hamburg, germany

rundgang „außer der reihe“ / groupshow at khm cologne, germany
callme#6 / groupshow at haw hamburg, germany
talk to me! other histories of nature / groupshow at temporary gallery in cologne, germany